A.L. Strickler, M. Escudero-Escribano, T.F. Jaramillo

Core-shell Au@metal-oxide nanoparticulate electrocatalysts for enhanced oxygen evolutionNano Letters 2017, 17, 6040



E. Zamburlini, K.D. Jensen, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff, M. Escudero-Escribano*,Benchmarking Pt and Pt-lanthanide sputtered thin films for oxygen electroreduction: fabrication and rotating disk electrode measurements” 

Electrochimica Acta 2017, 247, 708



M. Escudero-Escribano, U. Grønbjerg, A. Velazquez-Palenzuela, P. Malacrida, J. Rossmeisl, I. Chorkendorff, I.E.L. Stephens, J. Schiøtz

New platinum alloy catalysts for oxygen electroreduction based on abundant alkali earth metals” 

Electrocatalysis 2017, 8, 594



N. Lindahl, E. Zamburlini, L. Feng, H. Gronbeck, M. Escudero-Escribano, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff, C. Langhammer, B. Wickman

High specific and mass activity for the oxygen reduction reaction for thin film catalysts of sputtered Pt3Y

Advanced Materials Interfaces 2017, 4, 1700311

Department of Chemistry and Center for High Entropy Alloy Catalysis

University of Copenhagen

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