Enjoying the summer! - June 2021

Zoom group photo - March 2021

The group celebrating Anders' successful PhD defence (which took place online) - October 2020

María receiving the Young Researchers Award from the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry in Valencia (Spain) - November 2019

The group enjoying the Annual Meeting of the Danish Electrochemical Society, with Ifan Stephens and Beatriz Roldán-Cuenya - November 2019

CHEAC reception and PIs (Matthias Arenz, Kirsten Jensen, Jan Rossmeisl and María Escudero-Escribano) celebrating it - October 2019

Group retreat in Padova (Italy) - June 2019

Chemistry Gala Ball 2019 - May 2019

Nikos Hatzakis and María Escudero with 2018 Nobel Laureate Frances Arnold after her lecture at the University of Copenhagen - May 2019

Group photo with 2018 Nobel Laureate Frances Arnold during her visit at the University of Copenhagen - May 2019

Group photo, left to right: Bethan, Paula, Anders, Elena P., María, Inês, Elena G., Kim and Alejandro - May 2019

Celebrating Bethan's PhD defence, with Prof. Beatriz Roldán-Cuenya and Prof. Marc Koper as external examiners - May 2019

María receiving the Clara Immerwahr Award 2019 from Prof. Arne Thomas at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) - May 2019

2018 Christmas Dinner - December 2018

Celebrating Alejandro's MSc defence - September 2018

The group enjoying the 2018 ISE Annual Meeting in Bologna (Italy)! - September 2018

María receiving the Princess of Girona Foundation Scientific Research Award 2018 from the King of Spain - June 2018

María receiving the 2018 ECS Energy Technology Division Young Investigator Award at the ECS Meeting in Seattle (US) - May 2018

In situ infrared spectroscopy in action! (From FPdGi Award video: - May 2018

Group beers - September 2017

María receiving the 2016 CIDETEC Young Researcher in Electrochemistry Award (RSEQ) in Vitoria (Spain) - July 2017

First group selfie! Left to right: Anders, María, Bethan, Marta, Hannibal and Jonathan - May 2017