Dr. Bethan Jane Venceslau Davies


Ph.D.: University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Undergraduate School: University of Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Project: Electrochemical synthesis of value-added compounds 

Bethan is working on the electrochemical synthesis of valuable chemicals for creating a sustainable chemical industry. For this, she is using different techniques to analyse and characterise the activity, efficiency, selectivity and stability of electrode materials. The information obtained from these results allows us to understand the mechanism and, in combination with theoretical simulations performed by collaborating partners, the ultimate goal is to optimise the syntheses process. Bethan is also setting up analysis equipment so that we can obtain more information on the activity of the systems under study. 

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Dr. Kim Degn Jensen


Ph.D.: University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Undergraduate School: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Project: Oxygen electrocatalysis for renewable energy conversion technologies

Kim's Ph.D. focused on the study of the oxygen electroreduction reaction. His subsequent postdoctoral work covers a broad range of electrocatalytic reactions ranging from oxygen/hydrogen evolution to formic acid oxidation. All these studies are done with a special emphasis on the interface conditions governing the reactions' performance. Recent investigations in collaboration with the theory group at UCPH have been carried out to study the interface parameters controlling cyclic voltammetric profiles on well-ordered single crystal electrodes. Currently, his research focuses on high surface area catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions for fuel cell and water electrolysis.

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Dr. Paula Sebastián Pascual


Ph.D.: The University of Alicante and the University of Barcelona, Spain

Undergraduate School: Universidad de Valencia, Spain

Project: CO2 and CO reduction on well-defined electrochemical interfaces

Paula graduated in Chemistry at the University of Valencia (Spain) and obtained her Ph.D. in Electrochemistry with Prof. Juan Feliu and Prof. Elvira Gómez from the University of Alicante and the University of Barcelona, respectively, in 2018, on: ‘’Surface sensitive metal electrodeposition in ionic liquids’’. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests focus on the fundamental understanding of electrochemical reactions onto single crystalline surfaces and electrocatalytic CO2 reduction for the production of high-value compounds.

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