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P. Sebastián-Pascual, Y. Shao-Horn, M. Escudero-Escribano*

"Toward understanding the role of the electric double layer structure and electrolyte effects on well-defined interfaces for electrocatalysis"

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2021, accepted

Invited to the Special Issue "Electrocatalysis (2021)"


M. Hatzell*, M. Escudero-Escribano*, J. R. Galán-Mascarós

“New strategies to tailor electrocatalytic processes” 

ACS Energy Letters 2021, 6, 4413

Invited Energy Spotlight.



E. Plaza-Mayoral, P. Sebastián-Pascual*, K. N. Dalby, K. D. Jensen, I. Chorkendorff, H. Falsig, M. Escudero-Escribano*

“Preparation of high surface area Cu-Au bimetallic nanostructured materials by co-electrodeposition in a deep eutectic solvent” 

Electrochimica Acta 2021, 398, 139309

Invited to the Special Issue "S. Trasatti: Road map from fundamental to applied electrochemistry"


P. Sebastián-Pascual*, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Surface characterization of copper electrocatalysts by lead underpotential deposition” 

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2021, 896, 115446

Invited to the Special Issue "Physical Electrochemistry" (A tribute to Prof. Juan Feliu on his 70th birthday)


J.A. Arminio-Ravelo, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Strategies toward the sustainable electrochemical oxidation of methane to methanol” 

Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2021, 30, 100489

Invited to the Special Issue Young Ideas in Green and Sustainable Catalysis (2022)


D. Escalera-López, K.D. Jensen, N.V. Rees*, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Electrochemically decorated iridium electrodes with WS3-x toward improved oxygen evolution electrocatalyst stability in acidic electrolytes” 

Advanced Sustainable Systems 2021 (accepted)

Invited to the Special Issue "Sustainable Materials for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage"


P. Sebastián-Pascual, A. Petersen, A. Bagger*, J. Rossmeisl, M. Escudero-Escribano*

pH and anion effects on Cu-phosphate interfaces for CO electroreduction” 

ACS Catalysis 2021, 11, 1128


G.W. Sievers*, A.W. Jensen, J. Quinson, A. Zana, F. Bizzotto, M. Oezaslan, A. Dworzak, J.J.K. Kirkensgaard, …, J. Schäfer, K. Cépe, M. Escudero-Escribano, J. Rossmeisl, A. Quade, V. Brüser, M. Arenz*

Self-supported Pt-CoO networks combining high specific activity and high surface area for oxygen reduction” 

Nature Materials 2021, 20, 208


R.R. Rao*, M. Tulodziecki, B. Han*, M. Risch, A. Abakumov, Y. Yu, P. Karayaylali, M. Gauthier, M. Escudero-Escribano, Y. Orikasa, Y. Shao-Horn*

Reactivity with water and bulk ruthenium redox of lithium ruthenate in basic solutions” 

Advanced Functional Materials 2021, 31, 2

Special Issue: Lithium‐Ion Batteries and Beyond (in Honor of Nobel Laureate John B. Goodenough)



O.A.H. Schreyer, J. Quinson*, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Toward overcoming the challenges in the comparison of different Pd nano-catalysts: case study of the ethanol oxidation reaction” 

 Inorganics 2020, 8, 59


P. Sebastián-Pascual, I. Jordão Pereira, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Tailored electrocatalysts by controlled electrochemical deposition and surface nanostructuring” 

Chemical Communications 2020, 56, 13261

Invited to the themed collection "Emerging Investigators 2020"


P. Sebastián-Pascual, F. Sarabia, V. Climent*, J. Feliu, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Elucidating the structure of the Cu-alkaline electrochemical interface with the laser-induced temperature jump technique” 

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020, 124, 23153


K.D. Jensen, A.F. Pedersen, E. Zamburlini, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff, M. Escudero-Escribano*

X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigations of platinum-gadolinium thin films for the oxygen reduction reaction” 

 Catalysts 2020, 10, 978


G.S. Harlow*, E. Lundgen, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Recent advances in surface x-ray diffraction and their potential for determining structure-sensitivity relations in single-crystal electrocatalysis” 

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2020, 23, 162

Invited to the Special Themed Issue “Electrocatalysis”


J. Rossmeisl*, K.D. Jensen, A.S. Petersen, L. Arnarson, A. Bagger, M. Escudero-Escribano

Realistic cyclic voltammograms from ab initio simulations in alkaline and acidic electrolytes” 

 Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020, 124, 20055


H. Wan, A.W. Jensen, M. Escudero-Escribano, J. Rossmeisl*

Insights in the oxygen reduction reaction: from metallic electrocatalysts to diporphyrins” 

ACS Catalysis 2020, 10, 5979


J.A. Arminio-Ravelo, J. Quinson, M.A. Pedersen, J. Kirkensgaard, M. Arenz, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Synthesis of iridium nanocatalysts for water oxidation in acid: effect of the surfactant” 

ChemCatChem 2020, 12, 1282

Invited to the themed issue Young Researchers Series


A.W. Jensen, G.W. Sievers, K.D. Jensen, J. Quinson, J.A. Arminio-Ravelo, V. Brüser, M. Arenz, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Self-supported nanostructured iridium-based networks as highly active electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution in acidic media” 

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2020, 8, 1066

Invited to the themed collection Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigators


P. Sebastián-Pascual, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Addressing the interfacial properties for CO electroreduction on Cu with cyclic voltammetry” 

ACS Energy Letters 2020, 5, 130



M. Saric, B.J.V. Davies, N.C. Schjødt, S. Dahl, P.G. Moses, M. Escudero-Escribano, M. Arenz, J. Rossmeisl*, 

Catalyst design criteria and fundamental limitations in the electrochemical synthesis of dimethyl carbonate” 

Green Chemistry 2019, 21, 6200



A.P. O’Mullane*, M. Escudero-Escribano*, I.E.L. Stephens*, K. Krischer*, 

The role of electrocatalysis in a sustainable future: from renewable energy conversion and storage to emerging reactions” 

ChemPhysChem 2019, 20, 2900

Editorial: special issue Electrocatalysis



J.A. Arminio-Ravelo, A.W. Jensen, K.D. Jensen, J. Quinson, M. Escudero-Escribano*, 

Electrolyte effects on the electrocatalytic performance of iridium-based nanoparticles for oxygen evolution in rotating disc electrodes” 

ChemPhysChem 2019, 20, 2956

Invited to the special issue “Electrocatalysis”


A. Bagger, R.M. Arán-Ais, J.H. Stenlid, E. Campos dos Santos, L. Arnarson, K.D. Jensen, M. Escudero-Escribano, B. Roldán-Cuenya, J. Rossmeisl*

Ab initio cyclic voltammetry on Cu(111), Cu(100) and Cu(110) in acidic, neutral and alkaline solutions

ChemPhysChem 2019, 20, 3096

Special issue “Electrocatalysis”


P. Sebastián-Pascual, S. Mezzavilla, I.E.L. Stephens, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Structure-sensitivity and electrolyte effects in CO2 electroreduction: from model studies to applications” 

ChemCatChem 2019, 11, 3626

Invited to the special issue Women of Catalysis



B.J.V. Davies, M. Arenz, J. Rossmeisl, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Electrochemical synthesis of high-value chemicals: detection of key reaction intermediates and products combining gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and in-situ infrared spectroscopy

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019, 123, 12762

Invited to the virtual special issue Young Scientists 2019



G. Sievers, A.W. Jensen, V. Brüser, M. Arenz*, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Sputtered Pt thin films for oxygen reduction in gas diffusion electrodes – a model system for studies under realistic conditions” (PDF)

Surfaces 2019, 2, 336. 

Invited to the special issue “Electrochemical Surface Science: Basics and Applications”



B.J.V. Davies, M. Saric, M.C. Figueiredo, N.C. Schjødt, S. Dahl, P.G. Moses, M. Escudero-Escribano*, M. Arenz*, J. Rossmeisl*

Electrochemically generated copper carbonyl for selective dimethyl carbonate synthesis

ACS Catalysis 2019, 9, 859. 



M. Escudero-Escribano*, A.F. Pedersen, E.T. Ulrikkeholm, K.D. Jensen, M.H. Hansen, J. Rossmeisl, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff*

Active-phase formation and stability of Gd/Pt(111) electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction: an in situ grazing incidence X-ray diffraction study” 

Chemistry: A European Journal 2018, 24, 12280

Frontispiece and Hot Paper

Invited to the special issue Young Chemists 2018



M. Escudero-Escribano*, K.D. Jensen, A.W. Jensen

Recent advances in bimetallic electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction: design principles, structure-function relations and active phase elucidation

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2018, 8, 135

Invited for the special themed issue “Surface Electrochemistry”



D. Higgins, M. Wette, B. Gibbons, S. Siahrostami, C. Hahn, M. Escudero-Escribano, M. Garcia-Melchor, Z. Ulisses, R. Davis, A. Mehta, B. Clemens*, J. Nørskov*, T. F. Jaramillo*

“Copper silver thin films with metastable miscibility for oxygen reduction electrocatalysis in alkaline electrolytes

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2018, 1, 1990



M. Inaba, A.W. Jensen, G. Sievers, M. Escudero-Escribano, A. Zana, M. Arenz*

Benchmarking high surface area electrocatalysts in a gas diffusion electrode: measurement of the oxygen reduction activities under realistic conditions

Energy and Environmental Science 2018, 11, 988



K.D. Jensen, J. Tymoczko, J. Rossmeisl, A.S. Bandarenka, I. Chorkendroff, M. Escudero-Escribano*, I.E.L. Stephens*

Elucidation of the oxygen reduction volcano in alkaline media using a copper-platinum(111) alloy” 

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018, 57, 2800

Frontispiece and VIP

Research highlights in Nature Reviews Chemistry and Nature Catalysis



M. Escudero-Escribano*, A.F. Pedersen, E. Paoli, R. Frydendal, D. Friebel, P. Malacrida, J. Rossmeisl, I.E.L. Stephens*, I. Chorkendorff*

Importance of surface IrOx in stabilizing RuO2 for oxygen evolution

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2018, 122, 947



A.F. Pedersen, M. Escudero-Escribano, B. Sebok, A. Bodin, E. Paoli, R. Frydendal, D. Friebel, I.E.L. Stephens, J. Rossmeisl, I. Chorkendorff, A. Nilsson*

Operando XAS study of the surface oxidation state on a monolayer IrOx on RuOx and Ru oxide based nanoparticles for oxygen evolution in acidic media

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2018, 122, 878



A.L. Strickler, M. Escudero-Escribano, T.F. Jaramillo*

Core-shell Au@metal-oxide nanoparticulate electrocatalysts for enhanced oxygen evolution

Nano Letters 2017, 17, 6040


E. Zamburlini, K.D. Jensen, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff, M. Escudero-Escribano*

Benchmarking Pt and Pt-lanthanide sputtered thin films for oxygen electroreduction: fabrication and rotating disk electrode measurements” 

Electrochimica Acta 2017, 247, 708


M. Escudero-Escribano, U. Grønbjerg, A. Velazquez-Palenzuela, P. Malacrida, J. Rossmeisl, I. Chorkendorff, I.E.L. Stephens, J. Schiøtz*

New platinum alloy catalysts for oxygen electroreduction based on abundant alkali earth metals” 

Electrocatalysis 2017, 8, 594


N. Lindahl*, E. Zamburlini, L. Feng, H. Gronbeck, M. Escudero-Escribano, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff, C. Langhammer, B. Wickman*

High specific and mass activity for the oxygen reduction reaction for thin film catalysts of sputtered Pt3Y

Advanced Materials Interfaces 2017, 4, 1700311

* Denotes corresponding author(s)

Publications prior to

University of Copenhagen


A.F. Pedersen, E.T. Ulrikkeholm, M. Escudero-Escribano, T.P. Johansson, P. Malacrida, C.M. Pedersen, M.H. Hansen, K.D. Jensen, J. Rossmeisl, D. Friebel, A. Nilsson, I. Chorkendorff, I.E.L. Stephens*

Probing the nanoscale structure of the catalytically active overlayer on Pt alloys with rare earths

Nano Energy 2016, 29, 249


M. Escudero-Escribano, C. Wildi, J.A. Mwanda, A. Cuesta*

Metallization of cyanide-modified Pt(111) electrodes with copper

 Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 2016, 20, 1087



E.T. Ulrikkeholm, A.F. Pedersen, U.G. Vej-Hansen, M. Escudero-Escribano, I.E.L. Stephens, D. Friebel, A. Mehta, J. Schiøtz, R.K. Feidenhansl’, A. Nilsson, I. Chorkendorff*

PtxGd alloy formation on Pt(111): preparation and structural characterization” 

Surface Science 2016, 652, 114


M. Escudero-Escribano*, P. Malacrida, M.H. Hansen, U.G. Vej-Hansen, A. Velazquez-Valenzuela, V. Tripkovic, J. Schiøtz, J. Rossmeisl, I.E.L. Stephens*, I. Chorkendorff*

Tuning the activity of Pt alloy electrocatalysts by means of the lanthanide contraction” 

Science 2016, 352, 73

Highly cited paper(“top 1% in the field of Chemistry”, Web of Science).


C.M. Pedersen, M. Escudero-Escribano, A. Velázquez-Palenzuela, L.H. Christensen, I. Chorkendroff, I.E.L. Stephens*

Benchmarking Pt-based electrocatalysts for low-temperature fuel cell reactions with the rotating disk electrode: oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation in the presence of CO (review article)” 

Electrochimica Acta 2015, 179, 647


A. Velázquez-Valenzuela, F. Masini, A.F. Pedersen, M. Escudero-Escribano, D. Deiana, P. Malacrida, T.W. Hansen, D. Friebel, A. Nilsson, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff*

The enhanced activity of mass-selected PtxGd nanoparticles for oxygen electroreduction

Journal of Catalysis 2015, 328, 297


P. Malacrida, M. Escudero-Escribano, A. Verdaguer-Casadevall, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff*

Enhanced activity and stability of Pt-La and Pt-Ce alloys for oxygen electroreduction: the elucidation of the active surface phase

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2, 4234


T.P. Johansson, E.T. Ulrikkeholm, P. Hernandez-Fernandez, M. Escudero-Escribano, P. Malacrida, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff*

Towards the elucidation of the high oxygen electroreduction activity of PtxY: surface science and electrochemical studies on Pt(111)/Y

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2014, 16, 13718


S. Siahrostami, A. Verdaguer-Casadevall, M. Karamad, D. Deiana, P. Malacrida, B. Wickman, M. Escudero-Escribano, E. A. Paoli, R. Frydendal, T. W. Hansen, I. Chorkendorff, I.E.L. Stephens*, J. Rossmeisl*

Enabling direct H2O2 production via rational electrocatalyst design” 

Nature Materials 2013, 12, 1137


C. Vaz-Domínguez, M. Escudero-Escribano, A. Cuesta, F. Prieto-Dapena*, C. Cerrillos, M. Rueda

Electrochemical STM study of the adsorption of adenine on Au(111) electrodes” 

Electrochemical Communications 2013, 35, 61


A. Cuesta*, G. Cabello, F. Hartl, M. Escudero-Escribano, C. Vaz-Domínguez, L. Kibler, M. Osawa, C. Gutiérrez

Electrooxidation of formic acid on gold: an ATR-SEIRAS study of the role of adsorbed formate

Catalysis Today 2013, 202, 79


M. Escudero-Escribano, A. Verdaguer-Casadevall, P. Malacrida, U. Grønbjerg, B. P. Knudsen, A. K. Jepsen, J. Rossmeisl, I.E.L. Stephens, I. Chorkendorff*

Pt5Gd as a highly active and stable catalyst for oxygen electroreduction” 

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134, 16476



M. Escudero-Escribano, G. J. Soldano, P. Quaino, M. E. Zoloff-Michoff, E. P. M. Leiva, W. Schmickler, A. Cuesta*

Cyanide-modified Pt(111): structure, stability and hydrogen adsorption” 

Electrochimica Acta 2012, 82, 524



M. Escudero-Escribano, M. E. Zoloff-Michoff, E. P. M. Leiva, N. M. Markovic, C. Gutiérrez, A. Cuesta*

Quantitative study of non-covalent interactions at the electrode-electrolyte interface using cyanide-modified Pt(111) electrodes” 

ChemPhysChem 2011, 12, 2230



D. Strmcnik, M. Escudero-Escribano, K. Kodama, V. R. Stamenkovic, A. Cuesta*, N. M. Markovic*

Enhanced electrocatalysis of the oxygen reduction reaction based on patterning of platinum surfaces with cyanide” 

Nature Chemistry 2010, 2, 880



M. Escudero, J. F. Marco, A. Cuesta*

Surface decoration at the atomic scale using a molecular pattern: copper adsorption on cyanide-modified Pt(111) electrodes

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2009, 113, 12340



A. Cuesta*, M. Escudero, B. Lanova, H. Baltruschat

Cyclic voltammetry, FTIRS and DEMS study of the electrooxidation of carbon monoxide, formic acid and methanol on cyanide-modified Pt(111) electrodes

Langmuir 2009, 25, 6500



A. Cuesta*, M. Escudero

Electrochemical and FTIRS characterisation of NO adlayers on cyanide-modified-Pt(111) electrodes: The mechanism of nitric oxide electroreduction on Pt” 

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2008, 10, 3628